Tribe Gin School

Come Enjoy our Tribe Gin School experience! It's a fun filled few hours where you will get to learn how Gin is made, you will distill your own bottle of gin to take home, made with unique flavours chosen by you, and you will also get to taste some fantastic Gins throughout the class

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The Tribe Gin School Experience

1) Meet & Greet

You’ll be greeted by our Tribe Gin Expert and of course be served up with a Gin and Tonic as a welcoming treat!

2) Our story

We’ll explain how Tribe Gin came to be, where our Gin is distilled, the botanicals and ingredients used in Tribe Gin and throw in some local history to boot!

3) Build Your Recipe

Visitors will then learn about how different botanicals, citrus fruits, florals and spices can influence the flavour of gin and from there you will the come up with your own unique gin recipe.

4) Distilling

Then it’s time for the distilling - each guest is assigned a copper still where you will blend your ingredients together and then wait for your gin to distill. We will make sure you have a G&T in hand as you wait!

5) Food & Gin Talk

While we wait for the distilling process to finish, we will bring out some local delicacies for you to enjoy as we top up your G&T.

6) Bottling

Once the distillation is complete, your Gin is then blended down to the advised alcohol percentage,
bottled, sealed and you get a personalised tribe Gin label to stick on your bottle to take home with you


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