Tribe Gin & All About Kombucha - Cocktail Hamper

Tribe Gin & All About Kombucha - Cocktail Hamper

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Tribe Irish Gin have teamed up with another local Galway Brand, All About Kombucha, to put together a unique Cocktail Hamper set. The hamper includes ingredients and instructions on how to make a Tribe Gin Kombucha Collins as well as a Tribe Bramble Cocktail. Both Cocktails use All About kombucha as the main mixing ingredient. This is an ideal gift for a loved one or for corporate gift offerings. 

The hamper set includes:

  • Tribe Irish Gin 70cl
  • 2 Bottles of All About Kombucha (Raspberry + Ginger & Lemon Flavours)
  • Cocktail Mixing Guide for 2 cocktails: Tribe Gin Collins & The Tribe Bramble
  • Cocktail Mix ingredients

Tribe Gin is an award winning, small batch premium gin, made using botanicals and seaweed native to the west of Ireland. The core botanicals of Lemon, Cassia Bark and Cardamon give Tribe it's refreshing taste with a hint of sweet spiciness.

All About Kombucha; Ireland's Only Carbon Neutral Kombucha Brewery. Serving bottles of unpasteurised, LIVE and organic kombucha since 2017 – hand-bottled and brewed in Galway, Ireland.

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*Please Enjoy Tribe Irish Gin Responsibly